Some interesting upcoming conferences:

Radiological Society of North America
104th Annual Meeting
November 25 – 30, 2018
Chicago, USA

COMP Winter School: Quality and Safety in MRI
Annual Meeting
February 5-8, 2019
Ottawa, Canada

International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
27th Annual Meeting
May 11-16, 2019
Montreal, Canada

American Academy of Neurology
71st Annual Meeting
May 4-10, 2019
Los Angeles, USA

American Society of Neuroradiology
57th Annual Meeting
May 18-23, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Organization of Medical Physics
65th Annual Meeting
September 24-27, 2019
Ottawa, Canada

American Association of Physicists in Medicine
61st Annual Meeting
July 14-18, 2017
Denver, USA

European Committee for the Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis
35th Annual Meeting
September 11-13, 2019
London, UK